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It's possible to be high-performing and entitled.

It's tricky when these high performers work for your team because it's easy to become dependent on them.

Signs of entitlement:

  • They don't tell you when they're going to take time off, or for how long unless you hound them
  • They tell you they'll do something today, or tomorrow and then don't
  • They get bothered with structure
  • They are hesitant to commit to deadlines
  • They are hard to reachf in general
  • They don't ever disclose or share that they work for your organization

This impacts culture. It's not worth it.


Thankful for Bad Moments

Bad moments make good moments amazing.

Bad moments make amazing moments heavenly.

The only reason good can exist is because bad exists.

Isn't food wonderful when you feel starved?

Isn't water better when your mouth is at it's driest?

If could never have terrible moments, neither could we have amazing moments.

When things are bad, I like to imagine that it's just fuel for a future good thing.

Bad things give me better good things. I am thankful.


Selling with Care

We entered a furniture store today, eventually a salesperson interacted with us.

She asked what we were looking for. A simple, low-cost sofa.

She then points directly in front of us, "Did you look at this one?"

...it's right in front of us...of course we saw it.

A better alternative

  • What room will this be for? A bedroom, living room, something else?
  • Do you have a preferred style such as modern, classic, mayb mid-century?
  • How firm do you like your cusions?

When selling, it's crucial to get at the problem your potential customers are trying to solve. This requires asking the right questions and listening.

A salesperson should there to help, not to serve as a human catalog to serve up information by rote and finger pointing.

When you sell

When you are trying to convince others of anything, you are selling. The same rules apply, understand their needs, desires, and pain points well and you'll be able to convince with a greater degree of success.


100% Human

Almost all of us want:

  • Happiness
  • To feel love (not necessarily romantic)
  • To not feel lonely
  • Health
  • Shelter
  • Peace

When I meet someone for the first time, I can sometimes forget that they probably want these things too.

It's easier to be sympathetic when we remember this.